Some Updates

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Hey gang!

I know I haven’t posted a lot here, obviously.  So here’s a few updates.  One, I’ve shut down my Patreon.  My income wasn’t dependent on it, and there was some much-publicized issues with fees recently that soured me on the experience.  Regardless, I’ll keep doing Amanda Green, SIA (and a new Magic Wives comic)!

Two, Amanda Green, SIA is currently on a break.  2017 really kicked my ass financially, so I need to take a couple months off to recover.  I don’t expect it to return until maybe March.

Three, speaking of March, Martin and I will be tabling once again at Emerald City Comic Con!  Once I know where we’re sitting, I’ll let you know.  We’re going to have a new Magic Wives mini-comic for sale along with our other goodies!

Four, I’ve finally updated the Comics page and the Press page.  You can find literally every comic I’ve written there, including links to where you can buy them on Gumroad.  The Press page now includes an interview with Comics Alliance that I did earlier this year.

Five, I may be updating this site with short stories featuring Titana and Speedster from Amanda Green, SIA.  This was something I did for my Patreon, but now with it being shut down, I want to move them to here, but I need to figure out formatting and all that.  Those may not be posted for a bit, but it’s something to look forward to next year!

And I think that’s it for now!  I’m mostly active on Twitter, which is just my name.  You can also see the link on the right sidebar.  So, I hope you all have a Happy New Year!