Amanda Green, SIA, is a weekly webcomic about an insurance agent in a superhero-filled city.  Follow Amanda and her fellow regular human pals as they try to survive a world where supervillains regularly attack and turn people into dinosaurs.  It blends comedy, drama, and some action, and we totally started this way before a TV network started making a show about this cool concept!  It updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  You can buy the digital mini-comic here!


The Girl Who Cried Wolf is a mini-comic by myself and Martin Clinch.  You’ve heard of the story of the Boy who cried wolf.  This is the story of the Girl, who has a similar yet very different problem with wolves and her village.  Available at Gumroad in physical and digital versionsTrigger Warning for sexual assault.


The Magic Wives and the Amulet of Terrifying, Definitely Real Power is a mini-comic by myself and Martin Clinch.  The Guardian of All Realms, Carmen, and her wife, Theodora, also pretty good with the magic, protect all the realms from magic threats!  But one new threat is after a very special amulet around Theodora’s neck.  Carmen must protect her wife–and possibly the world–in this first issue, digital comic!  If you like the Beyond Belief segment from Thrilling Adventure Hour, you’ll love The Magic Wives!  Available digitally on Gumroad.


“Birthday Present” was a pitch Bruna Nora and I put together for the Beyond Anthology.  Our pitch didn’t make the cut, but we made it anyway!  In a post-apocalyptic world, resources are limited, and humans are living underground.  Even still, scavenger, Bea, still has to find her wife, Imara, a birthday present!  Read it here! 


Jayleen Weaver and I submitted a pitch to the Bones of the Coast anthology, but it was rejected.  We decided to make the comic anyway.  I think it turned pretty dang awesome!   The Captain and her First Mate are out at sea and get lost in some strange fog.  It will take all their strength and will to escape.  Read it here.



The New Romford Free Press is a fictional news site set within the world of Amanda Green, SIA.  It’s a mixture of The Onion-esque stories and John Hodgman-like continuing jokes but with weird superhero stuff!  It sometimes overlaps with what’s going on in that comic, but it mostly does it’s own thing.  It’s own weird, weird thing.  The NRFP recently concluded.



30 Minutes to Live is a completed anthology about the end of the world.  The sun has exploded, and the blast will destroy Earth in 30 minutes.  Each story features a different artist and explores how very different people in very different circumstances spend the last half hour of their lives.  It features art from Rachel Dukes, Joyana McDiarmid, and Eisner-nominated artist Melanie Gillman.  Highlights include “Carol & Rita,” “Born on the Last Day on Earth,” “Prison,” and “Home.”  It has been featured on Mental Floss and io9.



Astounding Tales of Science is a comic about science!  Each story follows Professor Science and his niece Zoe as they explore the world, bending time and space with the power of comics, learning cool things along the way.  Updated on a basis that mathematicians are still trying to quantify, Prof and Zoe have explored the scientific method, the Earth’s core, and amazing Russian mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya!  Currently not updating anytime soon.


Old Projects


Magic City was my very first comics project.  It was an anthology where every story was set in my hometown, Billings, Montana.  It ran sporadically from 2008 to 2012.  Many of the stories are very rough, and some stories I probably wouldn’t write today, but some like “Be Careful What You Wish For…” still hold up.



One Panel Improv was a jam comics project I hosted for a while in 2012-2013.  These got weird, really weird.  I’m not going to even try and describe what happened here, but I got some cool people to participate, like Katie Shanahan, Jason Copland, my Amanda Green, SIA partner Marili Ramirez, and my Astounding Tales of Science partner Celestia Ward!


Bizarre New World

I wrote a story for Skipper Martin’s anthology series, Bizarre New World, in which everyone in the world suddenly gains the ability to fly.  My story, “Down to Earth,” was about Derek, who was put out of work at the car factory.  It featured the artwork of Dave Hedmark, colors by Teodoro Gonzalez, and letters by Bernie Lee.